"Coaching YOU is guiding you to success and ensuring that you are performing, or striving to perform, at your very best in all aspects of your life."

-Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao

Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao has worked for over fifty+ years in the fields of adoption and complex families, child welfare, family therapy, organizational development, and family systems, through consulting, training, and designing programs and interventions for schools, businesses, corporations, and non-profit agencies.

Her intuitive feel for the subtleties of human interactions is illuminated by a sophisticated theoretical understanding of what motivates individuals and how their behavior affects the larger system, organizational culture, and their daily performance.  Drawing on a variety of disciplines and experiences, she has developed an approach for helping clients deal with a range of challenges.

She believes that Executive Coaching should be freeing, tapping into the client’s sense of independence, emotional intelligence, personal control, and joy in life.

Drawing on a wide range of academic disciplines, including psychology, developmental psychology, adult learning, conflict management, family systems, child welfare, communication, organizational development, and leadership, Dr. Pavao can help you to identify alternative sources of wisdom, such as spiritual traditions and the self-help and human potential theories, and to bring a range of specialized approaches, from narrative and cognitive behavioral coaching to cognitive coaching for executives, parents, athletes, artists, musicians, young adults, and teens who are in need of identity focus and framing.

Welcome to Pavao Consulting & Coaching

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