Adoption is such a complex issue, and everyone has a lot to learn - not only the parents (by birth and by adoption), but also the institutions, professionals, neighbors, and friends who assist them.  Who has the ability to provide effective training?

For many, the answer is AACT.

(All Adoption Consulting and Training)

Services Offered

Consultation: For pre- and post-adoptive families (including birth families) and other complex blended families to clarify issues and identify options and resources.  For clinicians and other professionals working with complex blended families who need guidance with special issues (i.e. disruption, adolescent issues, search, openness, etc.)

Therapeutic Consultation and Coaching: For individuals, couples, and families touched by adoption (including step-families, foster, guardianship, and kinship issues of emotional adoption).

Training, Supervision, and Case Consultation: For therapists, private and public agencies, hospitals, residential treatment centers, lawyers, judges, educators, clergy, and others who work with the complex family system.

Community Consultation and Education: For educating community resources such as local groups, clinics, schools, and agencies through workshops, seminars, and conferences.

Dr. Pavao also provides summer intensive trainings, year-long intern supervision, adoption therapy courses for professionals, and brief intensive trainings and consultations both nationally and internationally.

For more information, to request services, or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Pavao’s executive assistant at or 617-547-0909