2014-2015 AACT Training Programs

Certificate Program in Adoption Competency

For clinicians and other professionals working with adoption and complex blended families

Using lecture, videos, group discussion, and consultations, this six-month program is designed to help therapists and other professionals develop the clinical sensitivity and, more importantly, the competency needed to treat the mental health problems of children who come from a background of abuse and neglect and who are being raised in a family other than the birth family.  The course emphasizes the development of a framework of understanding about the complexity of being a child or adult in a family by adoption and the therapeutic skills that will enable practitioners to work at the individual, couples, group, and family levels of clinical practice.  Woven into each class is the impact of trauma, separation, loss, and multiple moves can have on a child’s development and wellbeing.

Cambridge location: Class meets 9am-1pm one Friday per month, November 2014 - April 2015


Advanced Clinical Consultation/Supervision Program (Virtual)

For clinicians and other professionals working with adoption and complex blended families

This program offers consultation, supervision, and training for mental health professionals in specialized theories and practices for working with all members of the adoptive triad (birthparents, adoptive parents, and adopted person).  The primary objective of this program is to allow therapists who have taken the course in adoption competency and who have a clear understanding of the many dimensions of systemic view one must have to work with the entire constellation of adoption to apply, develop, and explore their clinical knowledge.  Formed at the request of professionals working in the world of adoption, this program is a huge help to professionals and families.

Group meets via Google Hangouts (video conference) 2pm-4pm one Friday per month, November 2014-April 2015


With questions or for more information, call (617) 547-0909 or email eakinnect@gmail.com